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A Prairie Dance Party With Dakota Chappy Music

One of North Dakota's boldest visionaries has reinvented herself once again. Dakota Chappy (a name you might recognize because I love her clever fashion designs and her eponymous boutique) isn't just a designer, a business owner, or the originator of her particular take on the ultra luxe prairie glam aesthetic.

She's also talented EDM vocalist, writer, and producer. You can check out her super danceable beats and soaring vocals at Dakota Chappy Music.

Select singles are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. But Dakota Chappy (who has been making music for decades) says she's been moving away from that model lately.

"I feel like this has paralyzed so many of us and stifled our creativity," she explains. "We’re convinced if we don’t play to the algorithm, we’ll be frozen forever in one place. So I’ve decided that I’m not going to be participating in that for a little while."

So she's going old school. Dakota Chappy will debut five new tracks that you can only hear on a new, bootlegged CD that's for sale during her July residency at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot. Her after dark shows on Stage 2 in West Park begin at 10 p.m. July 21-24 and 26-28.

Billed as "part concert, part dance party, part fashion show," her free shows combine everything Dakota Chappy loves. She'll be joined on stage by dancers from Studio X and The Dance Company of Minot.

And of course, she'll be rocking some of her favorite looks onstage and offering some killer merch, including cropped Ts, rompers, and leather bracelets. (You can also shop the Dakota Chappy booth in Commercial Building 3 during the State Fair.)

Like many creatives (and honestly, humans in general) Dakota Chappy says she was felt like she was just trying to keep her head above water during the pandemic. These new songs, the fair residency, and the ability to connect with the with fans in person again are all part of a new (and very welcome) burst of creativity. She's excited to partner with other creative people, get back to her roots as a performer and get everyone together to dance.

"We’re feeling the space for that again," she says. "It was very much just survival mode for a while," she says."And now we have to start again from here."

All photos provided by Dakota Chappy Music. This post was created in partnership with Dakota Chappy. As always, I only recommend (and work with) artists and companies that I think you'll love.

What about you? How has the pandemic changed your creativity?

How has it changed they way you connect with others? What should I do at the North Dakota State Fair? (It's my first time and I need advice!)

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