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Fall Fashion: Styling Cobalt Blue

Mercedes-Benz Fashion week kicks off in New York tomorrow, so I’ll be bringing you a few posts — and Polyvore collages — on looks I love for fall. (Polyvore is weirdly addictive. If you have any looks to share, let me know! Or follow me at prairiestylefile on Polyvore, if you like.)

The Look: Cobalt Blue I think most blues are boring, but I love cobalt. It’s strong and sexy and it works equally well with summer brights and more subdued fall colors.

How to Wear It:

  1. Try it with jewel tones like emerald and amethyst.

  2. Make it sporty with neon accents like highlighter pink or bright yellow.

  3. Pair it with a neutral. White and cobalt is a classic Mediterranean-inspired combo for the last days of summer, and black is edgy and mysterious.

  4. Try it with chunky gold jewelry. Gold is huge for fall and it looks cool – and vaguely nautical – when paired with cobalt.

Do you love it, or are you into a more subdued blue? What colors are you into for fall?

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