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Sickies Garage, Sons of Anarchy, Sake and Shot Skis

This weekend everybody was buzzing about the opening of Sickies Garage, the new burger and beer joint in town, both because it’s new (this town loves new restaurants) and also because Charlie Hunnam (who plays Jax on the excellent FX series Sons of Anarchy) was at the party. Derrick’s sister Jenn was in town and since she’d never met a famous person before, we decided to get as many new experiences under her belt as we could.

Eye candy for beer nerds! So pretty.

The lovely and talented Mr. Hunnam was great fun too. He’s very sparkly in person. I made that term up right this second, but it’s equal parts great manners, laid-back charm and something just slightly naughty, that thing that makes you grin involuntarily and/or lean forward like he’s going to tell you a secret. (What you do depends largely on your sexual orientation, I suspect.) Seriously, watch him on SOA, Queer as Folk or Undeclared and tell me you don’t see it.


1. Meet a Famous Person. One down, four to go.

2. Eat at Sickies. This is the EGGstaordinary Garage (what’s the deal with these names?!) a burger with fried egg, bacon and American cheese. Burgers with fried eggs are my Achilles heel. Derrick had the same thing, plus pulled pork, BBQ sauce and Frank’s hot sauce (The Sickies Burger) and Jenn had three adorable mini burgers called Lug Nutz. These fries just have classic sea salt, but you can get cajun or something called Rusty Bucket seasoning too.

3. Pour Beer From our Booth. Looooooove. There are different taps in all three booths, too.


4. Down Sake Bombs.  Shout nonsense to your bartender, slam your hand on the bar to make the sake drop and drink. Jenn and I were both bartenders back in the day, so it was a thing of beauty.

5. Drink Out of Sporting Equipment. This is a Shot Ski, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I have to respect a crazy gimmick.

As Jenn drove off Sunday morning, I kept thinking how crazy it was that I live here and I hadn’t done half of the things on this list either. So here’s to shaking it up, no matter where you are!

What about you? Have you ever met someone famous? Who was it? Was it weird? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever drank from? Which local restaurants near you have you been dying to try?

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