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Street Style: Alexandra

I know Alexandra Vruno from our roller derby lives — I announce for the Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls and she skates as Nutmeg for the league as a member of The Northern Pains.

When Liz and I bumped into her at Alley Fair last weekend, I thought her layered outfit was perfect for a freakishly cold and windy June 1st and also for Street Style.

Fargo street style layers and boots

Everything she’s wearing is very casual, but the outfit as a whole looks polished and beautifully proportioned.

Fit is key, especially when layering casual pieces like these. Everything fits very close to the body for a streamlined look that never looks sloppy and really compliments Alexandra’s petite frame. And I love the slim belt!

Fargo street style leather bag

She started with great basics — the leggings, the simple black dress — and added special details to make the look her own.

Layering the plaid shirt under the the shorter jacket adds both much needed warmth and visual interest and the combo looks great with the statement making necklace and boots.

“Oaks have always been my favorite tree,” said Alexandra. “They are a symbol of wisdom and strength.”

Check out one of her favorite quotes — “Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut, that held its ground.” ~David Icke ”

Get Alexandra’s Look: Necklace: Metal plated oak leaf, a gift from friend. Coat: Eddie Bauer Plaid Overshirt: aryn K for Mod Cloth Black Dress: H&M Belt: Target Leggings: Target Boots: Aerosoles Purse: A gift from her mother, purchased in Italy.

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