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Street Style: Rachel

Rachel is a West Fargo High student with an affection for anime figurines, South Korean fashion and serious headphones. The outfit she wore to go shopping today brought all of these elements together.

Fargo Street Style ulzzang

Rachel says she often references Ulzzang — a fashion subculture from South Korea that literally means “best face” — when getting dressed in the morning.

I’d never heard of Ulzzang, but a little research (thank you Google!) shows it has certain elements in common with the Gyaru movement in Japan. To see a Gyaru photo, check out my previous post/love letter to Japanese street style here.

Both looks emphasize big, doll-like eyes (achieved by circle contact lenses, make-up, false lashes and occasionally, a visit to the plastic surgeon) as well as perfect, pale skin and delicate features. Ulzzang is much less stylized than Gyaru, with more natural hair and modest, almost innocent clothes. The end result looks less like a delicate doll and more like a anime heroine.

Fargo Street Style Headphone

I like how Rachel made the trend her own. And I love the headphones, worn here as a bold and functional accessory.

Get Rachel’s Look: Headphones: Beats by Dr. Dre

Rachel wasn’t sure where the rest of her outfit was from, but Abercrombie & Fitch is a great place to start for classic pieces like hers.

Try their Joanna Skirt and Randi Jacket

For comparable Shoes, try the Deana Loafers by Airwalk, available at Payless.

Photographed at Zandbroz in Fargo.

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