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California Dreaming

Glitter Water

We took a little vacation at the end of February and I can still hear the sound of the surf when I close my eyes to go to sleep.

I meet people all the time who say “I’d travel, but…”

Here’s my advice. Just go. Life is short. I’ve never regretted a day or a dollar I spent traveling. It’s so good for your soul, your creativity and your sense of perspective.

Here’s where my mind is this week!

Venice Beach and Fishing Pier

Venice Beach Sand

I could sit on the beach all day. There’s something so soothing about the rhythm of the waves.

The photo opportunities were endless — the chattering sea birds, bare footprints in the sand and the surfers bobbing like seals in their dark wetsuits.

Venice Beach Surfer

Venice Pier


Our Seaside Hotel, Venice on the Beach

Venice on the Beach

Seriously, go there immediately. It was so relaxing. Napping in our little blue room was heaven. We kept the windows open to catch the sea breeze.

Patio Sitting

I ate breakfast on the rooftop deck every day and spent sunsets lounging on the patio.

Venice and Marina del Rey

Kiwi Strawberry

Venice got its name because an ambitious businessman decided that southern California needed Italian-style canals. It’s very strange, but also very beautiful — and just a few blocks from the beach.

Dreamy Sun

Palm Trees

What are you dreaming about this afternoon? Where would you like to go for a relaxing vacation? Have you been to Venice? What did you like about it? You won’t miss a single post when you subscribe to Prairie Style File. Just look for the “Follow Prairie Style File” sign-up on the right side of the page. Or follow my adventures across the Midwest, the prairie provinces of Canada and around the world on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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