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Midwest Road Trip Adventures: Highways and Byways

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I wrote about some of my favorite North Dakota and South Dakota road trips in a brand new anthology and I’m so excited to tell you about it. It’s called Midwest Road Trip Adventures and it details some of the coolest road trips across the Midwest. Routes cover North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio and Missouri.

Some of these destinations and byways might be familiar. But there are a whole bunch of surprises in store. We wrote this volume with pandemic precautions in mind, so it’ll be relevant both now and in the future.

Order now…

Order your copy of Midwest Road Trip Adventures right here. It's a great resource for travel planning (I've used my co-authors' sections as guides already). The book is also an excellent gift for Midwesterners and for those that have moved away, but still like to know what to check out when they come back home to visit.

Midwest Road Trip Adventures is available now.

…and pick up some postcards too

Don’t forget to grab a few original North Dakota postcards to send greetings from the road. It’s a fun way to send your friends and family a little love from the road. You can see a photo of the postcards below.

A little about the book

I’m really excited to be a part of this anthology. The other writers are folks I go to for advice and itineraries when I’m in their part of the country, so you’ll get very good advice from local experts. It’s been fun to work with them so far and I’m excited to have all their tips all in one place. (Yes, travel writers nerd out over travel books too.)

Here are some of the North Dakota postcards that are free with your “Midwest Road Trip Adventures” order.

I’d especially encourage you to read and follow the ladies who collaborated on the South Dakota section with me. Theresa Goodrich penned the Illinois chapter, is the creator of The Local Tourist and the author of Two Lane Gems, so she’s no stranger to road trip stories.

Roxie Yonkey is the woman behind Roxie on the Road. I enjoyed her section on the Black Hills in South Dakota, which is easily one of my favorite places on the plane. Roxie also wrote about her home state of Kansas for this volume. This is her first book, but we’re all committed do creating a few more together in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Be sure to check out the rest of the book's co-authors too. They all have extremely well-researched and beautifully photographed websites that can help you plan your next trip. And many of them have published books, ebooks and other resources too.

Discover Missouri with Thena and Matthew Franssen, the dynamic duo behind Hodgepodge Hippie, then explore Michigan with Amy Piper (of Follow The Piper) as your guide. Jamie Ward, creator of Cornfields & High Heels, shows you around Indiana, while Brandy Gleason introduces you to Ohio in this book and to multi-generational and outdoor travel on her blog, Gleason Family Adventures.

Dustin and Kelly Ratcliff, the team behind Dining Duster, showed me places that I hadn't been in my home state of Minnesota. (That's humbling for a travel writer, but also a great and welcome surprise.) Wisconsinite Dannelle Gay covered her own home state in Midwest Road Trip Adventures and chronicles her journeys across the world for her website, The Traveling Cheesehead.

Sara Broers penned the Iowa chapter. Her blog, Travel With Sara, is packed with travel resources for trips across the Midwest and beyond. She also founded Midwest Travel Network with Lisa Trudell, who co-authored the Nebraska chapter of this book with her husband Tim. You can read about their travels at The Walking Tourists.

What are your favorite Midwest road trip adventures? Where would you like to see Midwest Road Trip Adventures What’s your favorite road tripping state? What kind of travel books would you like to see next?

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