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Fall Fashion: Dark Romance: Five Ways to Wear Burgundy

Burgundy just got seriously sexy.

The new burgundy is less like the muddy, brownish color of leisure suits and car upholstery and more like the wine it’s named for — a rich, deep purple-red.

If you would have told me even last month that I’d be enthusiastically posting about burgundy — the color I used to hate only slightly less than the dreaded non-color, beige — I would have said you were crazy. But I love that designers are always re-inventing old ideas and finding ways to make them fresh and relevant again.

And this new burgundy has an edge I wouldn’t have thought possible. It’s the diametric opposite of the innocent gold and rose look I posted here a few days ago.

I love the updated punk vibe of a burgundy stripe, especially with paired with hot pink. But burgundy also works well in darkly romantic florals and the plaid of classic American sportswear. And anyone with a steampunk sensibility will love the color on a structured coat. It’s a smart alternative to black, especially for outerwear.

Five Ways to Wear Burgundy:

  1. For accessories, wear burgundy where you’d normally wear brown. It looks especially luxe on leather boots and bags.

  2. Burgundy looks romantic when paired with colors near it on the color wheel, like other deep purples, pinks and reds.

  3. For a casual look, try burgundy with army green or charcoal.

  4. Try out the look in small doses with deep red jewelry. Gold and antique silver settings look best.

  5. Pair burgundy and black for maximum drama.

You win, designers. I’m officially converted.

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