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Fresh: A Graffiti and Hip-Hop Festival

By Jack Hegerle

I think graffiti is beautiful. I honestly think an artful scrawl or well placed image can add something organic and interesting to a long string of boxcars or a dilapidated building.

So I’m excited to see local graffiti artists from Fargo, Moorhead, Minneapolis and Saint Paul get a chance to shine at Fresh: A Graffiti and Hip-Hop Festival at the Plains Art Museum tonight.

The event celebrates the closing of the exhibit Graffiti 101: The Foundation of Street Art, which I just couldn’t stop taking photos of the last time I was at the Plains.

“Graffiti Art” by Peyton Scott Russell

There’s also a concert featuring local hip-hop artists and DJ Spooky (aka That Subliminal Kid) a fascinating artist/DJ/professor/composer/author/philosopher/producer from D.C. I seriously want to meet this guy. He has an exhibit at the Plains as well and it’s so odd that you should make a point to check it out.

It’s a combination of his prints and banners, a book (“The Book of Ice”) and multimedia installation (“Terra Nova”) that are all inspired by an expedition he went on to Antarctica to capture the sounds of global warming. (Seriously.)

By Louis N. LaPierre

I was totally ambivalent about a multimedia mash up of ice images and ambient trip-hop, but “Terra Nova” turned out to be weirdly relaxing. And all those images of ice actually made me feel cold, which was an odd sensation.

But if ice isn’t really your thing, no worries. Fresh is more about mixing up the Graffiti exhibit, local hip-hop artists, their fans and the museum’s regular audience. I’m super curious to see how that works.

“Tumbling Text” by Peyton Scott Russell

Fresh: A Graffiti and Hip-Hop Festival Featuring DJ Spooky, Ill Chemistry (Carnage the Executioner and Desdamona) Ernest Rhodes, Scratch Dungeon and D. Mills Saturday, October 13th 7pm-1am Plains Art Museum 704 First Avenue North in Fargo 701-232-3821 Bus: 18 and 15

$10 General Admission $20 for Concert and Meet and Greet

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