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Holiday Gift Guide: The Nostalgic

Whether they lived through them or they’re a vintage enthusiast, the nostalgic believes in the magic of the good old days.

It can be tempting to try to pull them into this century by giving them the coolest new stuff — trust me, I struggle with what to get my Grandpa every year —  but don’t do it. Just give in and indulge them with retro treats and toys that will take them on a trip down memory lane.

Little ones will love them and older folks will get a kick out of watching the next generation play with the toys that they enjoyed as kids.

Available locally at Zandbroz Variety in Fargo and online here

An unconventional color palette like the silver, pink and teal shown here is a surprisingly modern take on holiday decor and will look fresh all year long.

Available locally at Vintage Point in Fargo

Don’t be surprised if you hear a few stories, because nothing brings back memories like the candy you spent your allowance on when you were a kid.

Available locally at Sweet Dreams Confections and Vintage Point in Fargo

Get dabblers something from their favorite band and treat purists to rock or soul, or use classic vinyl to introduce them to something new.

Available locally at Orange Records

Grab a few classics like Coke, Bubble Up or root beer and throw in a few wildcards like Blue Raspberry, Rhubarb or Creamsicle, just for fun.

Available locally at Sweet Dreams Confections in Fargo

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