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I once stumbled upon a style lair.

It was summer in the Minneapolis warehouse district. I was at a sidewalk table outside Moose and Sadie’s with Derrick when we saw him.

He was slight, with close cropped hair and a slim cut black suit that looked impeccable and expensive, even from a distance. He crossed the street, pulled open a door and disappeared into the historic brick building.

Then a tall gentleman stepped out of a sports car wearing a caramel colored three piece suit that managed to make him look both droll and a little ironic. He opened the same door.

Then a guy in a T-shirt with perfectly tousled hair and an amazing leather messenger bag walked in behind him. That did it. We had to find out where they were going.

They were going to martinpatrick3, the only store that has ever made me want to be a dude.

This well-edited shop stocks a mix of beautifully displayed apparel, accessories, grooming and gift items. The styles are as varied as the clientele — preppy polos and button-downs, retro quirky bow ties, vintage cuff links and hats and on-trend premium denim and accessories.

Everything is top quality, but a certain cheeky attitude prevails. A sales assistant/bartender offered us a drink from the bar when we walked in, which made me grin. When I mentioned we weren’t really looking for anything to wear, he pointed us toward the gift section. The quirky coffee table books and barware will appeal to guys and quite a few of my badass girlfriends, too.

Their online shop is just as good. (But without the bar, of course.) Re-create the shopping experience by pouring yourself a glass of something special and checking out their Vices section, organized by the Seven Deadly Sins.

How do you not love a store that offers you a drink, elevates mens fashion and invites you to shop your vices?

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