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Holiday Gift Guide: The Dude

When you’re Christmas shopping, it’s easy to leave guys until the last minute. They rarely make Christmas lists and they’re hard to buy for because if they need something, they’ll just buy it themselves.

If you have a guy left on your list, get him a cool upgrade on something you already know he loves.

Here are my top picks for guy gifts this season.

Screen Printed Art 

Elevate his walls with screen printed posters by Fargo artist Punchgut. They’re colorful and affordable, so you can spring for a frame too.

Find a gig poster from his favorite band or pull out something completely random.

No matter what you choose, I guarantee it will look better than that torn up poster he’s had hanging over the TV for the past decade.

Available at Punchgut Studio

Cool Glassware He can’t drink out of keg cups forever, so help him upgrade to a matching set of glassware, like these screen printed pint glasses from the Colorado-based artists at Vital.

Is he a whiskey drinker? No problem — they  have rocks glasses too.

If you’re ordering online, you have until December 19th to get those Christmas orders in.

Available locally at Unglued in Fargo and online here

50 Shades of Bacon This little book of bacon-y goodness lets him combine his love for the ultimate guy food and his oh-so-charming habit of mocking your reading material.

The book is a product of local talent, written by Benjamin Myhre and Jenna Johnson and edited by Ashley Myhre. All three live in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Available locally at Zandbroz Variety in Fargo and online here

Screenprinted Ties Every guy needs great ties, so steer him toward something a little more interesting than simple stripes and solids.

These screen printed ties from Scatterbrain Ties (out of Utah) and Beckamade (from Grand Forks, ND) are perfect.

Available locally at Unglued in Fargo and online here and here

Pocket Flask

If he’s a drinker, get him some classic barware, like this smooth and streamlined Metrokane pocket flask.

It’s a little bit elegant, a little bit subversive and while it may not be something he’d buy for himself, it’s something can put to almost immediate use.

And if family Christmas gets a little boring, you can always ask him for a nip.

Available locally at Baker Garden and Gift in Fargo and online here

A note:  I love to shop locally, but I’ve listed online resources for those of you that live in other parts of the world. But I encourage you give the local shops and vendors a chance to earn your business first.

Happy Shopping!

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