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Cozy Winter Things

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Winter is usually a season of rest and realignment. 2020 has been mentally and physically exhausting, so we need cozy winter things to lift our spirits more now than ever.

When I feel frazzled and feel like my energy is going everywhere at once, it helps to slow down, get comfortable and focus only on my senses. When I’m stressed, it helps to turn my attention inward, take in my surroundings and practice mindfulness in quiet, simple ways. Nothing grounds me in the present moment like creating little calming rituals to create warmth and rest.

Here are a few cozy winter things that help me do exactly that. I hope they’ll help you too.

New inventory from Discent Candle Company


The flicker of flame is so soothing. And the light seems somehow vital during the dark days of winter. So I’ve been lighting candles at my desk during the day and during random, regular weeknight dinners too, much to my son’s delight.

I like seasonal blends with a long burn time, so I’m shopping Discent Candle Company for candles that smell like the holidays. I picked up Sleigh Ride, with its blend of pine, cinnamon and holly, and Fireplace, since that’s one of my favorite smells on the planet.

If those scents aren’t you think, there’s a huge range of scents to choose from, from fresh Lavender Cotton to lush, heady Black Amber Musk. As an added bonus, you can choose from empowering labels like “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” “Slay,” and “Self-Care Isn’t Selfish” as a little extra motivation.


2020 was the year of loungewear. And joggers are king. It was also the year that I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought a pair of super warm joggers, lured in the all their comfy promise.

They didn’t disappoint. It helps a lot that designers are creating some really cute and comfortable sets that look super sporty and more slim cut than the joggers I remember (and avoided) from years ago. I wear mine when I curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and a book, but I like that I can pop out to get the mail and still look put together.

Fire Department Coffee is one of my favorite cozy winter things.


Derrick puts the coffee on every morning and following the scent downstairs to savor a cup is one of my favorite morning rituals. So when the marketing crew at Fire Department Coffee asked if I wanted to sample their wares, I was all in. I’m always excited to up my coffee game and give a shout out to a small business.

This one is especially worthy. The Rockford, Illinois company is run by fire fighters and it’s veteran-led. Purchases benefit first responders who have been injured on the job or are facing other health problems.

The coffee is just as excellent as the company’s mission. The medium roast is super smooth, while the bourbon-infused coffee was unexpectedly delicious. It’s part of their spirit-infused line, which also includes rum, whiskey and tequila.

Blanket Scarf

Why settle for using a blanket when you can also wear one? Winter clothing is all about layering after, all. (If you want more layering tips, check out my go-to winter clothing pieces.)

My closet contains several blanket scarves and sweater weight kimonos. A super cozy one from Crafty Ninja is one of my favorites.

Warm slippers are a practical indulgence.


I honestly never understood the appeal of slippers until I visited Germany. All of my hosts had a pair of warm slippers tucked by the door that they’d slip into the second they walked inside. They were both a visible symbol of rest and a practicality in a drafty apartment. And they were pretty cozy too.

The ultra warm plaid slippers are a gift.  But now I’m thinking I need to invest in a pair of fur lined slippers myself!

Super soft blankets

While I was out hiking the Beartooth Mountains in the rain, my friend Jo was having the opposite experience. She spent the day cocooned under an incredibly soft blanket in our Airbnb in Billings, Montana, reading books and listening to the rain fall on the roof.

She loved it so much that she took a photo of the SKU number on the barcode (which is truly next level retail detective work) and searched for months until she found it at Barnes and Noble, where we both immediately bought one of our own. Our favorite soft blanket is still for sale there, so you can bring it home to your house too. Let the coziness commence!

Socks from Exposure Boutique

Warm socks

The older I get, the colder my feet get. The rest of me will be fine, but my toes are like ten tiny blocks of ice. My doctor says it’s just low blood pressure. Both the symptom and the culprit make me feel about 85 years old, I try to counter that with fun socks. (Plain white is so boring.)

I found these cute, colorful, snarky socks at Exposure Boutique in Bismarck when I was shopping for a friend. The selection there continues in this same vein, so it’s a good place to shop if you find sweetness to be a little too saccharine.


I drink chai and chamomile on the regular, with a little green tea thrown in for variety. But I really enjoy the calming ritual of preparing tea, so I’m trying to expand my horizons.

I’m lucky to have Steep Me A Cup of Tea in my neighborhood. (The North Dakota-based tearoom also has a Bismarck location.) It stocks more than 100 different kinds of loose leaf tea, from spicy to sweet, as well as healing tinctures and everything you need to make the perfect cup. Shop online and shipping is free!

What about you? What are your cold weather go-tos? Which winter rituals do you love? Where are you shopping for little indulgences this season?

This post contains affiliate links and mentions gifts I’ve received as well as products I buy. I only promote items I love and that I think you’ll love too.

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